Nectarine Coffee Cake

Nectarine Coffee CakeThis recipe was not one of my favorites but my co-workers seemed to really enjoy it!  I thought the middle nectarine layer tasted the best, it was a good combination of sugar and sweet fruit.  I found the cake to be a tad on the dry side but it still had great flavor and worked well with the gooey fruit middle.  The crumble on top also didn't turn out how I would have preferred but you can change that easily and add different flavor components.  I think I would have prefered a crumble topping with brown sugar like this recipe or this recipe to help give it a bit more

Graham Cracker and Apple Cheesecake Bars

Graham Cracker and Apple Cheesecake BarsMy co-workers can not stop raving about this recipe, that they're already asking me to make more for tomorrow.  These bars have a great flavor combination of graham cracker, apples, cinnamon, and cream cheese flavors that just all blend in your mouth together wonderfully!  I started searching for cream cheese bar recipes because my mom had given me some extra cream cheese that I wanted to use up this week and found this site.  After looking through this great new site, I found this delicious looking recipe that I couldn't resist.

Chocolate Buttermilk Sheet Cake

Chocolate Buttermilk Sheet CakeMy friend Steve at work loves chocolate and requested something yummy and chocolatey for his next shift.  So that is when my hunt for great chocolate recipes started.  I first found this recipe on Bake or Break that sounded great, which used this recipe from All Recipes that also had great reviews.  So I specifically went out to the grocery store to buy buttermilk to make this cake for Steve, but when I got home my internet was down again and I di

Pumpkin Cookies (Trial #1)

Pumpkin CookiesI'm going to my boyfriends mom's house for thanksgiving next Sunday and I wanted to bring her something festive as a hostess gift.  I thought cookies would be perfect, especially pumpkin cookies since its going to be a thanksgiving event.  I found this recipe and decide to make them because of all the great reviews and ratings.  I didn't have any butter at hand so I had to use shortening instead and also decided to omit the icing since some reviews said it made the cookies too sweet.